Home Loan Program

For departmental representatives

Getting started: Departmental representatives

Our loan programs aim to assist new recruits with the pursuit of homeownership; your involvement is crucial in making this program successful. This web page provides campus departmental representatives with an overview of the home loan program process and the necessary steps to follow when you receive a request for a loan nomination.

Here are the steps to follow when you receive a request:

For prospective applicants

Getting started: Prospective applicants

UC Davis is dedicated to helping employees secure housing by offering several home loan programs to faculty and senior management. To learn more about the different programs, including eligibility and loan details, see the home loan programs page. If you're interested in applying for a university home loan, follow the steps below to get loan pre-approval.

Home Loan Programs


We're thrilled to have you here and excited to help you navigate the campus's processes for securing home loans. Whether you're a current or incoming employee, we understand the importance of finding a place you can call home.

At UC Davis, we believe that housing should never be a barrier to pursuing your educational, research, and public service goals. That's why we offer a range of housing assistance programs designed to support you in finding the perfect home.

Zero Interest Supplemental Home Loan Program

Zero Interest Supplemental Home Loan Program

UC Davis has been working together with the University of California Office of the President, or UCOP, to evaluate new approaches to make housing more affordable. These efforts led to the development of a Zero Interest Program Loan, or ZIP loan. These loans are primarily intended to be a recruitment tool to help our campus build a diverse new generation of faculty and is expected to help recruit assistant professors as well as difficult to fill academic positions.

Supplemental Home Loan Program

Supplemental Home Loan Program

The Supplemental Home Loan Program, or SHLP, was established to provide below-market-rate secondary financing to assist eligible faculty members and members of senior management in the acquisition of a principal place of residence.

UC Davis SHLP loans may only be used in conjunction with the University’s Mortgage Origination Program (MOP) loans to reduce the cash down payment required to as low as five percent.

Mortgage Origination Program

The Mortgage Origination Program (MOP) provides competitive first mortgages to eligible Davis faculty and senior management.