uc davis bus terminal

Plan Your Commute

A variety of commuting options are available at both UC Davis and UC Davis Health. Each campus has its own program that helps provide the best commute plans for staff, faculty, and students.

  • GoClub: Davis campus program

  • Green Commuter: Sacramento campus program

Tip: When you're considering your options for getting to and from campus it's good to realize how hot and dry Davis and Sacramento are in the summertime. For example, biking long distances might not be realistic all year!

UC Davis

GoClub is the comprehensive Davis campus resource that can help you identify the best commute option for you.

You can register for any of their programs in order to receive cost benefits like discounted parking and discounted public transport passes.

They also coordinate information about registering your bike for use on campus and connecting colleagues who are commuting from their area and looking to carpool. 

UC Davis Health

The Green Commuter program is designed to promote environmental stewardship on our UC Davis Health Sacramento campus.

As a new employee, you can get started by visiting their office (benefits include payroll deductions that must be initially handled in person) but after enrollment, many of their services are handled through an online system. 

4800 2nd Avenue, Suite 1100 (1st Floor)
Sacramento, CA 95817