Woodland (formerly known as Yolo City), is the county seat of Yolo County.  In the 1800's, the well irrigated land in Woodland drew many people to the area to try their hand at farming.  Within the past decade, Woodland has grown immensely with many additions to the community.  Woodland is close to Sacramento and Davis, but retains that "small town" feeling.  The downtown area is well known for great local businesses, restaurants and family friendly fun.  The Christmas Parade on Main street each year draws a crowd of around 30,000 people.

Total UC Davis Employees Living in Woodland

UC Davis Campus and UCDHS Employee BreakdownNumber of Employees Who Live in Woodland
UC Davis Campus 1186
UCDHS Campus152


*Based off payroll information from April 2015.  Only full time employee information included. 


Woodland Public Library

Woodland Public Library