Suisun City, pronounced suh-soon takes its name from the adjacent Suisun Bay.  The city and the bay are both named after the Suisunes, an indigenous tribe to the area.  Suisun City is known for its historic Waterfront District that has beautiful views and waterfront dining.  Suisun Bay is a great place to hike, fish or birdwatch.  The city is located adjacent to Fairfield and is a only a short trip to San Francisco or Sacramento.

Amount of UC Davis and UCDHS Employees Who Live in Suisun City

UC Davis Campus and UCDHS Employee BreakdownNumber of Employees Who Live in Suisun City
UC Davis Campus15
UCDHS Campus4


*Based off payroll information from April 2015.  Only full time employee information included. 


View of Waterfornt in Downtown Suisun City

View of Waterfront District, Downtown Suisun City