Folsom has a rich history beginning with the great Gold Rush in California.  It was the site of the West's first railroad and the world's first long distance transmission of electricity.  Folsom Lake State Recreation Area is the most popular multi-use, year 'round unit in the California State Park System. Each year visitors flock to the 18,000-acre park to fish, hike, camp, picnic, ride horseback, water ski, boat, swim and study nature. Two-third of the park's surface area is water. Folsom Lake, the larger of the area's two lakes, is formed behind Folsom Dam and has 120 miles of shoreline.

Amount of UC Davis and UCDHS Employees Who Live in Folsom

UC Davis Campus and UCDHS Employee BreakdownNumber of Employees Who Live in Folsom
UC Davis Campus32
UCDHS Campus310


*Based off payroll information from April 2015.  Only full time employee information included. 


Old Train Station Folsom

Old Train Depot Folsom