Fairfield is the County seat of Solano County.  It is considered the midpoint between San Francisco and Sacramento; approximately 36 miles from the city center of both cities.  Fairfield was founded in 1856 by clipper ship captain Robert H. Waterman and is named after his hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut.  One of the main streets in Fairfield is named Waterman Drive and Clipper ship Street is another street named for the Founder.  Fairfield  is home to Travis Air Force Base and is the headquarters of Jelly Belly.

Total UC Davis Employees Living in Fairfield

UC Davis Campus and UCDHS Employee BreakdownNumber of Employees Who Live in Fairfield
UC Davis Campus82
UCDHS Campus32


*Based off payroll information from April 2015.  Only full time employee information included. 


Solano County Courthouse with water feature

Solano County Courthouse